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100-ct package of test strips (preeclampsia, kidney, liver issues, etc.)

The price of treatment for 5 children with pneumonia

A month's worth of support for two underweight children

Monthly medication for diabetes type 2 (for 1 patient)

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Why do so many people still die from curable diseases?

Thanks to everyone who supports us

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Even if you can’t donate, there are other ways to help us

If you want to donate equipment, medicine or medical supplies, you can always write us and we will gladly work with you.

People that help us

We are all different and you can help us in many ways! You can support our project financially, tell others about Health & Help on social media, or offer us consultations and help us overcome difficult situations.

Companies that help us

We are supported by socially responsible companies. For them, Health & Help is more than just a charitable organization – we offer them the chance to make the world a better place.

Health & Help is supported by people with a proactive attitude who want to make the world a better place.
Tell your friends about what we do and how you are helping us. Download the presentation (pdf)

Every person on the Health & Help team understands our mission:
we become better people by helping others.

Viktoria Valikova
Director of Resources and Public Relations

Yekaterina Seltikova
Business partner coordinator

Infourok – Financial support for our projects in Guatemala and Nicaragua

Help Impact – Financial grant for medications to treat patients under 25 and malnourished children

Clinica Esperanza – Supplies medication for our clinic in Guatemala

Eapteka – Supplies medicine for the Health & Help clinic, also provides discounts on medication purchases

ECA Guatemala – Donated medical equipment, furniture and construction materials for our clinic in Guatemala

DaiNonni Hotel – Continuously hosts our volunteers in Guatemala City

The Brother’s Brother Foundation – Provides a regular medicine supply for the clinic in Guatemala

BashIncom – financial and informational support



Our organization truly values integrity. That’s why every year we account for what has been done and the way we have spent our donations.