Health & Help is supported by people with a proactive attitude who want to make the world a better place.
Tell your friends about what we do and how you are helping us. Download the presentation (pdf)

Every person on the Health & Help team understands our mission:
we become better people by helping others.

Viktoria Valikova
Director of Resources and Public Relations

Yekaterina Seltikova
Business partner coordinator

Infourok – Financial support for our projects in Guatemala and Nicaragua

Help Impact – Financial grant for medications to treat patients under 25 and malnourished children

Clinica Esperanza – Supplies medication for our clinic in Guatemala

Eapteka – Supplies medicine for the Health & Help clinic, also provides discounts on medication purchases

ECA Guatemala – Donated medical equipment, furniture and construction materials for our clinic in Guatemala

DaiNonni Hotel – Continuously hosts our volunteers in Guatemala City

The Brother’s Brother Foundation – Provides a regular medicine supply for the clinic in Guatemala

BashIncom – financial and informational support

Asociacion Diplomatica de Guatemala – Donated medical equipment to the clinic in Guatemala

Comprehensive Dermatology – Financial support

Para Onde – Recruits volunteers for the Guatemala clinic

Americares – Medicine supply for our clinic in Guatemala

Masimo – Donated medical monitors for the clinic in Guatemala and Nicaragua

GoodSurfing – Informational support and volunteer recruitment

Cementos progresso – Donated concrete for the construction of the clinic in Guatemala

Contraste Arquitectónico – Donated windows for the clinic in Guatemala

Distribuciones Globales – Donated doors for the clinic in Guatemala

Mudi – Donated medical equipment and furniture for the clinic in Guatemala

First Things Foundation – nonprofit organization aimed at poverty alleviation through facilitating, growing, and caring for entrepreneurs, social projects and human capital in impoverished communities.