Patients story from Nicaragua

Text Author: Clara Awuse
Photographer: Evfrosiniia Kapustina

In the heart of Nicaragua, our clinic stands as a beacon of hope, providing more than just medical care. It has evolved into a cherished cornerstone of the community, offering accessible and compassionate support to those who call it home. And the testimonials from our valued patients vividly illustrate the profound influence we have had in the lives of the villagers.


“It’s good to have your clinic – now we don’t have to spend money to go to the hospital, we can walk or ride a horse to you.”

These words echo the relief felt by many, as the clinic has alleviated the financial strain of hospital visits. The convenience of reaching us on foot has truly transformed access to healthcare in our village.


“We are glad that we can always come to you in a difficult situation, even at night and when there is a thunderstorm.”

In times of crisis, our doors remain open to everyone who needs us, providing safety amidst the most challenging circumstances. We aim to provide unwavering support and assist in the growth and well-being of everyone we can reach, and this sets us apart.


“We are very pleased that the doctors here treat us politely as if we were normal people who came to a private clinic for an appointment.”

The respect and courtesy shown by our dedicated medical team ensure that every patient feels valued and heard. This personalized care is at the heart of our mission.


“Now some of our children that have been inspired by your work want to be doctors – they love coming to the clinic and listening to your doctor’s recommendations.”

The clinic has become a source of inspiration for the young minds of our village. Their aspirations to become healers themselves speak volumes about the positive influence we have had on the next generation.

As we reflect on these heartwarming stories, we are reminded of the immense impact our clinic has had on this community. However, to continue our mission of providing accessible and compassionate care, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you.

Your support allows us to expand our services, reach even more people, and inspire the next generation of caregivers. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Every donation you make matters, and is a part of something special. Join us today to change lives by clicking here to make a donation and change lives.

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