Health & Help Clinic's Birthday in Guatemala | 7 Achievements of the Clinic in 7 Years of Operation

Photographer: Evfrosinia Kapustina

This year, Health & Help’s Guatemalan clinic celebrated its 7th anniversary with two events: one at the clinic with the local community, and another in the city with our staff and supporters. At the clinic, we bonded with community members through games, crafts, and the traditional Argentine drink, mate. Our new country director, Leonor, also connected with the community to ensure our clinic serves them effectively. The city celebration united donors, volunteers, and partners, many of whom hadn’t met before. It was a heartwarming afternoon of unity, with cake and birthday songs in multiple languages!

It’s honestly hard to believe that the clinic has been here for 7 years! Today we want to share 7 things that we are proud of about our clinic!
We treated more than 25,000 patients, including kids, women, and the elderly! Impressive, isn’t it?
The clinic is still standing after surviving 4 earthquakes!
We worked with volunteers from 36 countries.
We delivered a lot of healthy babies!
Conducted numerous educational lectures for the local population.
Organized numerous trips for medical outreach in nearby villages.
Trained more than 20 local and international medical students.

This would not be possible without your help. We are incredibly thankful that you’ve been with us all these years, and hope you will continue to support this hard, but very necessary cause.


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