Becoming a volunteer

Basic requirements
We expect you to:
Work pro bono
to change other people's lives for the better.
Be able to perform the following vaccinations:
hepatitis A, B, typhoid, rabies.
Be tolerant
to other people's culture, religion, values, race, and sexual orientation.
Pay your travel expenses
both airplane tickets and visa fees.
Make a $600 monthly donation
for medical supplies. These donations are voluntary for volunteer doctors, photographers, journalists and builders.
Typical Guatemalan food is rice, beans, corn, local fruits, and vegetables. We provide you with vegetarian meals 3 times a day.

It's not too cold and not too hot either in Guatemala; the temperature is around +25Cﹾ. You should take a coat and a pullover though as it gets cold at night, especially in mountains.

You need to double check if you have all the scheduled vaccinations as well as hepatitis B vaccination. Hepatitis A, typhoid and rabies vaccinations must be done before you leave for Guatemala.

All volunteers are provided with accommodation at the volunteer house.

Visa and tickets
We are happy to consult you on visa issues and travel and flight options - please contact our project manager.
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