Viktoria Valikova
Founder, Medical doctor
Karina Basharova
Founder, CEO
Larisa Melnikova
Project Ambassador
in Russia and CIS
Elena Zelenevskaia
Our volunteers telling their story
An old Guatemalan proverb says: "When going to build a clinic at the edge of the world, just build it". Where am I going with this? Two beautiful girls from Ufa – without having anybody to put a word for them, any supporters or sponsors – managed to create a really cool project that helps and protects. It is not a miracle, in fact, it is daily diligent work. It is faith in yourself and in everybody around. It is courage and honesty. I also realized one simple thing: having decided to volunteer, you need to be honest with yourself and tell who you are planning on helping: yourself or the locals. All self-esteem and ego problems should be solved before the mission. Heroism, fame and unbearable feeling of your own uniqueness and charity are totally different things.
Alla Tokareva
Saint Petersburg, Russia
I became more self-confident as I was expected to be responsible for my patients at the clinic. I joined the project right after graduation and was amazed by these energetic people. When discussed, the task is completed right away. Volunteers on the project are so great - it is hard not to become as magnificent as they are. As cynic this may sound, I was glad to be born in Europe, with all its freedoms, opportunities and support. It is precious to live, not to survive, although I could truly appreciate it only after experiencing it.
Margarita Tretyakova
Medical doctor
Brussels, Belgium
Having become a part of Health&Help team, I finally got medicine. I became responsible for my own decisions. I started valuing what I have in Russia. And, of course, I mastered Spanish.
Alexander Burakov
Senior medical student
Saint Petersburg, Russia
I was working among poor people, having figured their lifestyle, perspectives and demands out. This helped me value opportunities I had more. I also learned how to handle culture, traditions and behavior of people from different parts of the planet. I discovered I had other skills, which I could apply for the greater good. I believe I became a better person.
Sergio Castello
Medical doctor
Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Having joined Health&Help, I realized sometimes we need to hope for the best, while continuing doing what we believe in. In order to do good deeds, you need to quit whining. We live in a wonderful country – Russia – and we have better lives than 80% of the planet.
Kristina Didenko
Construction engineer
Tula, Russia
Volunteering is a chance to change the scenery and become a part of a totally new community. You are the new guy here: you need to adapt by placing yourself in a spot, establishing your position. It is only possible in army or in prison. I also realized volunteers aren't saints: there are pain in necks and sluggards as well. But most of them are open and kind people.
Denis Slepov
Moscow, Russia
The most frequent question is whether it is appropriate to send a bottle of wine or meat of any kind to spice our inevitable vegetarian style of life up. Sure, it's a treat! Just put a comment under your donation and we will know what to spend it on.
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