One Patient Case as an Example of a Global Problem

Photographer: Irina Arbuzova

“Our daughter has epilepsy. We used to go to the clinic twice a month and spend 600 quetzales ($77) on medications each time. It was a lot of money for us.

Everything changed after Health & Help built a clinic in our village. It’s close to us, which is very convenient. Not long ago, when our daughter had a seizure, we were able to bring her in for a checkup immediately afterwards. But more importantly, we don’t have to spend money on medications now. We can invest more into our business and save more.

Moreover, with the money we save, we can now buy better food, which we really need because our youngest is anemic. So we try to spend the extra money on healthier nutrition and put some aside in case we need a major medical intervention. You never know when you might need it, especially with children”.

This is just one of many stories from our patients. Many of them didn’t even have a choice previously. When you only have enough money to buy rice and maize bread, spending several thousand quetzales on medications is simply not possible. This is why at Health & Help we provide free medications to those who are unable to pay for them. 

If you wish to support us, you can donate via the link There are many patients with epilepsy in our village, so every dollar makes a difference.

If it is interesting for you to get to know our patients like this, follow the news on our website, we will talk more often about our work.

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