Cost-efficiency of the project

Text Author: Ksenia Savilova
Photographer: Soyref Polina

Health & Help clinics provide quality medical treatment to every patient, regardless of their ability to pay. We can proudly say that we  save lives and do it with the minimum cost. So how do we make every dollar count? 

  • We constantly reduce our administrative costs. The majority of our administrative and fundraising teams, as well as other online units, operate on a volunteer basis. We do not rent an office and do not have the expenditures on electricity, wifi, printing, etc.
  • Our patients choose us over and over again. Each month on average, only half of our patients are first-timers, when another half are returning ones. Most of the regular patients at the Health & Help clinics come in with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. 
  • We give lectures where we talk about medical issues that concern our patients the most. Despite having no ads for our clinics, our doctors keep seeing an endless stream of patients who know they can get guaranteed help. 
  • We are also blessed with our volunteer community with many choosing to work with us for the second or third time.  The fact that so many of our former volunteers keep coming back  allows us to reduce the workload of the HR department and, as a result, make the Health & Help project work more efficiently. And since our former volunteers are already familiar with the working conditions they don’t require as much time for onboarding and adjusting! It’s a win-win for everyone!

These are our heroes :

  •   Faina Kotova, a doctor from the USA, has worked with us 3 times;
  •   Richard Leidinger and his daughter Sarah Leidinger, doctors from the USA
  •   a doctor Ganna Nikolenko from Ukraine, was at our clinics twice
  •   Hanna Plotnitskaya was initially a nurse, but now she is a doctor and a country director from Belarus and is working at the clinic for the 3rd time
  •   Olga Markova and Mikhail Markov, the photographers from Germany, have worked with us twice 

🌐Also, some of the on-the-ground volunteers choose to join our online team after their time at our clinics is over. This helps a lot with the authenticity of our articles and posts. So from the bottom of our heart – thanks, guys! 

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