Health & Help director in Nicaragua

If you’re looking for a way to help people and know how to lead a team, we have the perfect position for you: become the director of Health & Help in Nicaragua!

Country: Nicaragua
Program duration: Contract length: minimum of 2 years (as of December 2023 - until December 2025)

Key benefits of working with Health & Help:

  • The opportunity to develop an organization that helps save thousands of lives
  • Work experience in a leadership position with an international non-profit
  • Learn to work with limited resources and practice wide-ranged cross-cultural communication
  • The chance to grow and improve alongside a team of professionals from all over the world
  • Practice and develop your communication, organization, and leadership skills

We provide:

  • An individualized training program to prepare you for the position
  • One-on-one Spanish course with a Health & Help language tutor
  • A salary starting at $1000 per month
  • 28 vacation days per year

Working conditions:

  • Relocation/permanent residency in Nicaragua, preferably in Managua/Chinandega
  • Frequent visits to the clinic and business trips throughout the country (as well as to neighboring countries; Guatemala, Honduras, etc.)

Main responsibilities:

  • This is one of the key positions within the organization. You will be overseeing the work and development of Health & Help in Nicaragua. 
  • Manage the supply of necessary medication, equipment, and supplies to the clinic; make purchases and seek humanitarian aid when needed. 
  • Participate in and organize events to attract donors, sponsors, volunteers, and partners.
  • Work with the recruiting department to build a team of volunteers and employees, direct and oversee their work at the clinic. One of your tasks will be ensuring the wellbeing and quality of life for volunteers at the clinic; solving any arising issues or conflicts, leading team-building activities. 
  • Manage the budget and paperwork in relations with ongoing or potential donors and partner NGOs, participate in grant writing, keep track of grants.
  • Budget the work of the organization and its ongoing projects, track/report on finances, optimize spending and workflow.
  • Regularly receive and update necessary licenses and permits; to treat patients, to transport humanitarian aid materials, volunteer work permits, etc. 
  • An important aspect of your work is building connections with large-scale donors, partner NGOs, local civil society, volunteer organizations in Nicaragua and neighboring countries.
  • As the head of the organization in Nicaragua, you will need to work with locals; build relationships with community leaders, representatives of the police force, ministry of public health officials, and others in government.


  • Excellent knowledge of Spanish at the time your contract starts (no lower than B2 – we can help you get there). Knowledge of English is required at the B1 level at minimum. 
  • Higher education degree in the medical field; medicine, nursing, public health, other specializations may be acceptable as well. 
  • Ability to make decisions and problem-solve independently, prioritize tasks.
  • Coming up with new ideas and implementing them with limited resources available.
  • Highly skilled at presenting information.
  • Experience with leading a team, especially an international one, is a plus.
  • Willing to work in conditions with limited resources and remain flexible towards uncertainty.
  • Determination, goal-orientation, ability to defend your point of view and not give up.
  • Experience with successfully organizing independent remote work. 
  • Ability to stay calm and rational in high-stress situations.
  • Be highly motivated/show initiative and a willingness to better the project.
  • Responsibility, empathy, and a love for people.
  • A driver’s license and ability/experience of driving a vehicle with a stick-shift is a plus.
  • Willingness to organize fundraising events while preparing to start your role.

To become a Health&Help volunteer is not easy but pretty awesome.
Apply now and your life will never be the same again.