Health & Help is supported by people with a proactive attitude who want to make the world a better place.
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Every person on the Health & Help team understands our mission:
we become better people by helping others.

Viktoria Valikova
Director of Resources and Public Relations

Yekaterina Seltikova
Business partner coordinator

Igor Zhaborovsky
is the founder of the Russian project “InfoUrok”.

He has been helping the project for several years now; his donations help us achieve our goals, and his advice has been really helpful in difficult situations. The clinic in Guatemala is named after this active volunteer and sponsor!

Denis Molchanov
is a Russian businessman, founder of Sibmining and one of Health & Help’s key sponsors.

His donations help us achieve our goals and his support in emergency situations has been vital for us. “

Sergey Mendeleev
is a Russian entrepreneur, founder of the project “”.

He has been helping the project Health & Help for several years. His donations help us to mantain the clinic, and buy tickets for our volunteers, among other things; he has also helped us as a lawyer.

Tutta Larsen
is a Russian TV and radio host, journalist, actress and singer.

She offers Health & Help media support and she’s signed up for a monthly donation to our organization.

Rustem Khamitov
is a Russian statesman and political figure, former President of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

He has offered us financial support and supported our project through mass media.

Vyacheslav Kuznetsov
is a Russian businessman, director of “Bashinkom”.

Permanent media sponsor and advisor of the project.

Nina Boer
is a Russian lawyer working for FBK Legal.

She provides legal support to our organization, helps us resolve disputes and provides advice and financial assistance in difficult situations.

Artemiy Lebedev
is a Russian designer, entrepreneur, blogger and traveler.

Carlos Mejía
is the Director of ECA Guatemala – EUBALL Panama (ENDELIS).

He’s been a partner and sponsor of our organization for several years now. He buys equipment and materials for the clinic. He also provides recreational facilities for the project volunteers.

Peggy Stranges
is the founder and director of Clinica Esperanza in Honduras.

She constantly provides large supplies of medicine and medical materials to our clinic. She also helps volunteers and hosts them on Roatan Island.

Indira Akhmetova is QST Industry’s sales representative in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras.

She assists Health & Help in Nicaragua with its documentation; she also provides organizational advice and hosts our volunteers in Managua.

Anastasia Khokholikova
Spouse of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Guatemala.

She provides media support, as well as advice and financial support for the project in Guatemala.