Facilities Assistant

You want to become better as a person? Live and work in a place that you will tell your grandchildren about? You want to help people, watch sunrises in a beautiful forest or enjoy the sound of waves? Get yourself on our team!

Country: Guatemala , Nicaragua
Program duration: between 1 week and 2 months

Key advantages of this program are

  • new professional knowledge and skills
  • exchange experience with specialists from different countries
  • work with an international team
  • improve your language skills         
  • Access to a large network of volunteers and professionals
  • vacation in the most stunning parts of Central America
  • extensive culture immersion
  • surfing in the ocean or jogging through mountain forests
  • make tons of new friends

We will provide with

  • travel assistance
  • language courses with a tutor
  • free accommodation at the clinic
  • vegetarian hot meals
  • a certificate of participation in the volunteer programme
  • letters of recommendation and gratitude to outstanding participants

Terms and responsibilities:

  • Strict compliance with project rules;
  • Flexible working hours at the clinic. Readiness to work in the evenings and on the weekends according to the schedule;
  • Cleaning the clinic, common area and rooms, scheduling volunteer duties
  • Assisting the clinic facility manager to help the clinic run smoothly (administrative work, cleaning, repair, etc.);
  • Helping organize and  run project events (team building with volunteers, educational and game events for children, educational events with local community);
  • Clinic grounds maintenance;
  • Ability to drive with a manual transmission;
  • Preferable skills: Car and building maintenance

Candidate requirements:

  • Age 18+
  • Required payment of a charitable donation of 600 USD (US dollars);
  • Spanish language level A1+ (we provide Spanish language tutoring!), english A2 minimum;
  • Willingness  to speak Spanish even within the team;
  • Transport a minimum of 15 kilos of humanitarian aid in your personal luggage;
  • Readiness to live and work away from cities, with poor internet connection, in a small  rural clinic with a multinational team;
  • Support the core Health&Help values and mission.

To become a Health&Help volunteer is not easy but pretty awesome.
Apply now and your life will never be the same again.